ScatAbility App is live!

ScatAbility is our first app to help singers and was created with Michele Weir. ScatAbility is a practice app for scat singing. It utilizes the simple method of listening and imitation to get you scatting quickly, and musically.

ScatAbility’s creator, Michele Weir (MichMusic) is a renowned teacher who has powerfully influenced the development of jazz education around the world through her workshops, books and other materials. Michele’s arrangements have been performed by The Manhattan Transfer, The Swingle Singers and New York Voices, and she currently serves on the faculty at University of Southern California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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Chord Tone Soloing For Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitar can be a challenging style of music to learn. As guitarists we are often more comfortable playing scales rather than the true building blocks of jazz solos; arpeggios, so it can be difficult for us to emulate and build authentic bebop language.

Chord Tone Soloing for Jazz Guitar helps you build an articulate jazz language around the most important sequences in jazz. Learn to:

• Target Chord Changes with Arpeggios
• Add Richness and Colour with Arpeggio Extensions
• Form Interesting and Exciting Lines with Chromatic Approach Notes
• Use ‘Outside’ Substitutions to add Altered Tensions to your Playing
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