Omniglot Chinese released on Android Market

We’re proud to announce that our latest app, Omniglot Chinese, has just been released onto the Android Market. Omniglot Chinese is an app to help beginners learn to read, write and recognize Chinese characters. is one of the world’s leading websites dedicated to writing systems and languages. Leafcutter Studios worked with Omniglot’s founder, Simon Ager, to create an app to help Chinese language learners get to grips with the Chinese writing system.

The app presents one hundred of the most commonly used characters for beginners. For each character the app features:

– large easy to read character graphic
– pinyin spelling with tone marks
– English translation
– animated stroke by stroke demonstration of how to write the character
– audio pronunciation of the character by a native Chinese speaker

The app also features exercises to practise reading, listening and writing the characters.

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