Whether you want a complete method to learn blues guitar or just a set of 100 excellent blues guitar licks, this app has you covered.

Most guitarists stay locked into the same patterns and scale shapes for years, unable to break out of the habits and licks they first learnt as a beginner. This leads to creative stagnation, boring solos and a sense that something will always be missing from their playing.

The CAGED Blues app helps you spread out your playing all over the guitar neck. It frees you from playing the same ideas over and over again. This app spurs […] Read more

Scales for Bass Guitar

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Scales for Bass Guitar is our first app working with Mark Smith of

The app helps you learn how to play scales over the entire bass fretboard. Mark gives a comprehensive run down of how scales work and how you can use them most effectively in his 90+ minutes of video tuition.

The in-app scale dictionary gives you access to a comprehensive list of scales with multiple shapes for you to get your fingers around. You can view each scale pattern in any key and listen to the app playing it back to you.

The […] Read more

Introduction to Jazz Blues Guitar

The Introduction to Jazz Blues Guitar app is our first collaboration with The app is an enhanced ebook that delivers over 100 pages of jazz theory alongside a custom music player with follow along animated tab.

The idea was to take the ebook format and tailor it specifically for guitar tuition by adding features that would help guitarists get the most out of the text. Easy access to the audio examples was the first step which we then enhanced by syncing the playback with a rolling highlight bar on the music score. This makes it much easier […] Read more

Rolling Hills with Chris Woods

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Rolling Hills with Chris Woods is our second app with guitarist Chris Woods.

This app is an in depth look at how to play one of Chris’s songs – Rolling Hills. The app features over 45 minutes of video tuition from Chris where he explains how to play every note in detail. Within this explanation Chris also covers some of the key percussive acoustic guitar techniques like body percussion and slap harmonics. The app features an innovative three camera playthrough where you can choose which camera angle to watch from as Chris performs the song in its […] Read more

Learn Boogie Shred with Mike Dawes

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Learn Boogie Shred with Mike Dawes is our second app with the awesome guitarist Mike Dawes.

We originally heard about Mike’s guitar playing through some of the other guitarists we’ve worked with and after seeing some of his videos on YouTube (check out Mike’s viral percussive guitar cover of Gotye’s smash hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’)

We got in touch and created the ‘Percussive Acoustic Guitar’ app in 2013.

The response was great so in 2014 we decided to do another app. This time we concentrated on one of Mike’s own compositions, Boogie Shred. We filmed an in […] Read more