ScatAbility Blog Post

ScatAbility is a practice app for scat singing. It utilizes the simple method of listening and imitation to get you scatting quickly, and musically. The focus is on singing, not thinking, similar to the immersion process of learning a language. Knowledge of theory, jazz chord types, progressions and scales, though beneficial, are not required to use this product.

ScatAbility is easy to use: sing exercises, call & response and etudes with great jazz singers including Darmon Meader, Rosana Eckert, Greg Jasperse, Kate Reid, Justin Binek, Michele Weir, John Proulx, and more to be added soon. Mute the vocals to practice on your own with the backing tracks, and when ready, record yourself, listen back, then export for other uses!

ScatAbility’s creator, Michele Weir (MichMusic) is a renowned teacher who has powerfully influenced the development of jazz education around the world through her workshops, books and other materials. Michele’s arrangements have been performed by The Manhattan Transfer, The Swingle Singers and New York Voices, and she currently serves on the faculty at University of Southern California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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