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Leafcutter Studios | Technology with Talent

About Us

Who we are

We are a technology company specialising in apps for mobile and the Web. We develop fully bespoke professional apps for brands and for talented people which we manage, update and nurture over the long-term. Our apps can help you and your business to:

  • Add value to your consumers, end-users and employees
  • Increase brand engagement with consumers through mobile technology
  • Reach more people with your content and brand philosophy
  • Grow your community

We believe that when it comes to brand engagement, mobile apps offer participation at a level which is superior to that offered by web applications and digital websites. Smartphones and tablets are a constant companion for most consumers and we want as many brands as possible to benefit from the opportunities that mobile apps offer to engage more fully and on a more personal level with the consumer.


Some of our clients come to us knowing exactly what content they want to put into an app and how they want it to work. Others need ideas for how an app could fit with their existing digital platforms. We will work with you and your business to identify which aspects of consumer engagement could be enhanced with an app, so that we create an app that focusses on this and adds value to your consumers.


We have extensive experience of successfully developing apps across a range of genres.  This, coupled with our passion for great design means that we can help you to unlock your app’s potential by finding the perfect mix of form and function to bring the biggest benefit to you and your users. We will send you screen-shots and demos so that you can be fully engaged in the design process.


We develop apps using the latest native technologies to take full advantage of the mobile platform.  We develop all of our apps completely from scratch and they are fully bespoke to meet your needs. We work closely with you during the development process and you will be given the opportunity to “test-drive” the app before it is published. We do not publish our apps until we are happy that you are happy!


We know that an app’s lifecycle is only just beginning on release date.  When other developers are wrapping up and moving on to the next job, we’ll be there to help nurture and develop your app to make sure it meets and exceeds the expectations of you and your customers over the long term. We commit to managing, updating and making changes to your app as it evolves over time.

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150 High Street Sevenoaks Kent TN13 1XE

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