Football Club App
Your club needs an app.
We can make it happen.
An app is the best way to communicate with your fans and bring them closer to the club. It will raise your profile, generate revenue and boost match day attendance.
Building apps isn't easy, which is why so few non-league clubs are able to do it successfully. But we have the skills, experience and track record to make it happen for your club.
The significant benefit of an app for your club is creating a direct line of communication with supporters. Fans don't have to remember to visit a website, and there are no social media algorithms or filters in the way. Mobile notifications in the app mean that the club can tell supporters whenever there is an update so they never miss a thing.
Why waste time and resources creating content that never gets seen by fans? Don't let your club's story sit unread on a website or disappear into the black-hole of a social media algorithm. An app opens a door into your supporters digital life and lets your content be seen.
Once you have an app, you can start using it to generate revenue.
An app can generate revenue for clubs in several ways. There is sponsorship and advertising, but the primary revenue comes from increasing match day attendance.
Imagine using notifications to remind every fan on the morning of a match that there is a game today. It's easy to see how it's possible to turn 'What shall we do today?' into 'Let's go to the football'. That has a direct impact on attendance and matchday revenue.
The app only has to convert a small percentage of installed users from 'not going' to 'attending' before it pays for itself and generates revenue over a season.
And that's just the start. An app gives fans easy access to all the information they need to follow their club. And, most notably for the club, it maximises the chances of a fan seeing that content. This delivers a higher return on your content creation investment. That drives engagement and strengthens the fans emotional attachment with the club. Over the long term, that means higher attendance and a bigger spend on match day.
Every club is different, so we will need to learn more about your situation and requirements.

We will find the right solution for your club and, most importantly, deliver it for as long as you need it.

We provide a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go app solution, and we have a track record with a non-league club to prove it.
We don't charge an upfront fee for our apps, so you can get started quickly and without making a large investment.
Your club will get a fully managed native app on iOS and Android that delivers all the latest news and information to your fans for a transparent monthly fee.

Contact us to discuss what an app would cost for your club.
We generally plan to take 4-6 weeks to get an app up and running for your club, which can vary depending on how easy it is to source content. Once everything is in place, we publish the app to the iOS and Android app stores, and it's ready for fans to download.
Absolutely! Leafcutter Studios manages all the updates to the app to ensure it continues to perform optimally. You give us the content, and we will publish it through the app, making sure it looks its best for mobile devices.
The app can also automatically republish live data feeds (e.g. from Football Webpages) so that fans can see in-play updates when they aren't at the ground.
Once it is live we continue developing and maintaining the app, adding new features and improvements over time. We also make sure it remains up to date with the latest versions of Android and iOS.
We're with your club every step of the way to make sure that you and your fans get the most from the app.
Contact us today to get started on building an app for your club. There is no better time to grab this opportunity and take advantage of the many benefits an app can deliver for your club and its fans.
Your club needs an app.
We can make it happen.
You can read about how we created an app for Sevenoaks Town F.C. by clicking here
App features include:
  • All the latest team news and updates
  • Fixture list and in-depth match reports
  • League table and statistics
  • Up to date team roster with player biographies and photos
  • Important club information including contact details and matchday guides
  • Device notifications for fixtures and news
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