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My Fussy Eater Recipe App
Are you a food writer, professional chef or nutritionist wanting to reach more people with your recipes or nutritional advice? If so we can help. We develop beautiful recipe apps that make it easy for your readers to find and make your recipes, create family meal plans and share your recipes with friends.
Many food blogs feature hundreds of recipes, so it can be hard for food lovers to find the ones they want. Our recipe apps can feature your most popular recipes, together with a few that are exclusive to the app. Recipes can be categorised to match your blog, for example by meal type, or by something unique to the app, for example by season. We can add search filters so that your readers can search by dietary requirements, such as gluten free or vegan.
Case Study
My Fussy Eater App
Food writer and cookbook author Ciara Attwell of My Fussy Eater got in touch with us and asked us to develop an iPhone app, featuring the most popular recipes from her blog. This was first published in 2018 and since then the app has been updated every few months to keep the content fresh and to include recipes excusive to the app.
My Fussy Eater Recipe App
We developed an Android version of the app in 2019. The My Fussy Eater app includes a popular meal planner feature, which enables users to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole week using the recipes in the app. The My Fussy Eater app has been very successful and has featured as ‘app of the week’ on the App Store.
My Fussy Eater Recipe App on iOSMy Fussy Eater Recipe App on Google Play
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